Real Time Media Technologies provide you with the best opportunities to purchase the media needed, when you require it instead of shopping bulk media space up-front.

This process has become available due to the Real Time Bidding tools, "trading desk technology" and DSP in conjunction with decision-marketing algorithms making it possible for you to set price controls, while optimizing for CPA, CPM and CPC results.

While applying Real Time Data-Rich Targeting, Esoxmedia system allows you to purchase the defined audience segments, for you to pay for audience type connected to your targets only.

Moreover, daily budget, frequency and regency capping, as well as maximum spend will be built-in too.

Thus, automatic optimization algorithms will study, refresh and determine the best possible pricing and context for advertising, on the base of targets of an individual campaign. Additionaly, rotation and multivariate creative testing (advanced tools) are included in the Esoxmedia solution.


Media Optimization Algorithms and Real-Time Reporting quantify and refresh Esoxmedia advertising, while it is working and enhancing results.

Scientific Media Optimization Algorithms of Esoxmedia determines the required work techniques that perfectly suit each campaign: preferred sites, geo-targeting, demographic targeting, behavioral targeting, day-parts, etc.

Up-to-date tools identify data, actions, costs and clicks in real time by means of learning, refreshing and automatically creating the best available media purchases.

For better optimization and effectiveness, the results are integrated into the customer's Audience Profile.


Depending upon your needs, performance reporting can be exported to PDF, images or Excel, in form of visual charting and tabular data. While splitting such dimensions as creative execution, time and country, granular reporting tools may be sorted by CPC, CPM, viewing through CPA, clicking through CTR, CPA and more.


Each time you run a campaign, you get the possibility of collecting and owing the audience data, as well as using the information to realize and enhance results in prospect.

Esoxmedia’s Own-Your-Audience™ technology provides marketers with the tools identifying and refreshing a target audience and messaging over time

Associate clients whenever they reach common with advertising and sites to retarget them wherever they want on the open web.

Get insights into client value by means of establishing segments, on testing, measuring and refreshing. Thus, pricing will be optimized for media, acquisitions and audience.


During thousands of years ad media was purchased and sold in an old-fashioned way, in particular, manually: somewhile over lunch, sometimes with a martini, and handle sealed by a fax machine.

Now everything has been changed with Internet widespread.

At present, we do not need manual sales any more, because while selling media, millions of web sites are collected into advertising networks, as well as into advertising exchanges, in other words, networks of networks.

Thus, manual sales was replaced with a machine-based ecosystem, possessing audience targeting algorithms and pricing rules.

Now, instead of purchasing media up-front beforehand and in bulk, the machines enable to buy a proper audience in a real time at the very moment, when a customer needs it.

Making pricing rational and bidding on impressions by advertisers are provided by Real Time Bidding tools.

Currently, advertisers are paying the right price for the audience needed. They do not need to calculate up front any longer, purchasing placements to be considered a delivery of the proper audience.

So, it is where the future is.


You will get a possibility to deliver the perfect message to a proper audience in the right place and time.

Esoxmedia provides marketers with an opportunity to target by location, mobile carrier, ISP, language, daypart, OS, page position, device, interests, and more.

Due to retargeting, retailers can use advertising to make customers to be interested in, who visited a page or a site, but did not complete a transaction.